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Professor Edward Ogden PSM


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Our principal consultant, Professor Edward Ogden, is a legally qualified medical practitioner registered by the Medical Board of Australia. He is one of the only practitioners in the country with Fellowships in Forensic Medicine, Addiction Medicine and General Practice. This experience gives unique insight and expertise in the human factors of forensic medicine. 

He was employed by Victoria Police in various roles from 1978 to 2012, including 11 years full-time in the Department of Forensic Medicine and 17 years as Principal Medical Advisor. He was awarded the Public Service Medal for services to forensic medicine on Australia Day 2005. 

He is Secretary of the International Council on Alcohol Drugs and Traffic Safety and a member of the International Working Party on Prescribed Medication and Driving. He is a member of the Australian Medical and Professional Society on Alcohol and Drugs and the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists. 

Professor Ogden is Deputy Director (Addiction and Forensic Medicine) in the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University. He was instrumental in establishing the Centre for Drugs and Driving. He currently lectures at Swinburne and Melbourne Universities. 

The quality of our expert reports is founded on: 

  • More than 35 years-experience in the interpretation of injuries 
  • Clinical work as an addiction medicine specialist 
  • Experience in emergency medicine over 25 years
  • Experience in general medical practice over 30 years 
  • Experience as Medical Director Ambulance Service NSW 
  • Management of a private hospital  
  • Research and teaching in the field of alcohol, drugs and driving including having: 
    • Written over 5000 expert opinions 
    • Attended over 1000 court appearances as an expert witness 
    • Authored 38 publications in professional journals 
    • Written 3 Chapters in 3 books 
    • Presented at 40 international conferences  
  • Provision of expert evidence and written submissions to government inquiries 
  • Provision of expert opinions in 
    • Civil litigation including 
      • Motor vehicle collisions involving drugs and alcohol 
      • Travel insurance claims involving drugs and alcohol 
      • Civil claims involving alcohol and drugs 
    • Criminal law matters including  
      • Assault  
      • Sexual assault  
      • Non-accidental injury of children 
    • Unexplained injuries to people in institutional care 
  • Medical review for government agencies in drug and alcohol testing of employees 

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