Interpretation of Blood Alcohol Concentration

Alcohol is the drug most commonly associated with impairment of driving.  Alcohol is associated with 40% of hospital emergency attendances and is a major factor in falls and holiday accidents. Forensic Medical Consultants has 30 years’ experience in interpreting the significance of blood alcohol concentration in: 

  • Collisions 
  • Assaults 
  • Travel insurance claims 
  • Personal injury claims  
  • Workplace accidents 

Forensic Medical Consultants has extensive experience in answering the crucial questions:

  • Was alcohol a contributing or causal factor in the incident?   
  • What was the blood alcohol concentration at the time of driving/fall/assault etc.? 
  • What did the person consume to reach the measured blood alcohol concentration?  
  • Was the person ‘under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident?  
  • Interpretation of clinical tests 

As an addiction medicine physician in clinical practice, Professor Ogden PSM is an expert in providing specialist opinions on alcohol misuse and alcohol dependence. This includes analysis of liver function tests (LFT) and specific biomarkers of alcohol misuse (CDT, EtG, EtS etc).


Interpretation of Drug Effects

Many drugs (both prescribed medications and illicit substances) are associated with impairment of human performance and increased risk of risk when operating machinery, working in a hazardous environment, or even just enjoying a holiday.

  • Were drugs a contributing or causal factor in the incident?   
  • Was the person ‘under the influence of drugs’ at the time of the incident?  
  • What level of impairment would the person have exhibited at the critical time? 
  • Was drug interaction a significant factor? 
  • Could ‘drink spiking’ explain the results? 
  • Could the drug use have caused the death? 

As a practising addiction medicine physician Professor Ogden PSM can offer a specialist opinion on drug misuse and drug addiction.  

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Medical Review Officer – Workplace Drug Testing

We assist companies and government agencies interpret the results of random drug and alcohol tests to ensure the pursuit of natural justice and evidence-based decisions so that outcome of an inquiry process is fair and equitable.

Forensic Medical Consultants regularly provides answers to the questions:

  • Do the results of workplace testing imply illicit drug use? 
  • Could the results be explained by medication the employee declared prior to testing? 
  • Do the results indicate impairment in the workplace? 
  • Has there been an attempt to thwart the testing process (eg dilution of urine)? 

Professor Ogden PSM has consulted for unions, employers and government agencies regarding workplace testing. 


Interpretation of Injury

Professor Ogden PSM has over 30 years experience in interpretation of injury and Forensic Medical Consultants has a long history of assisting agencies caring for the disabled in the interpretation of unexplained injury. Maltreatment of vulnerable people in institutional care is a serious offence. We assist agencies to: 

  • Make the best interpretation of the available evidence by determining: 
    • How injuries occurred (accidental, negligent, deliberate) 
    • When injuries are likely to have occurred  
  • Avoid further injury 
  • Develop policy to improve care 

Corporate Presentations

Forensic Medical Consultants has delivered in-service training to:

  • Government agencies  
  • Insurance companies 
  • Professional associations 
  • Law firms and legal associations 
  • Medical practices 
Corporate Presentation

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