Interpretation of Blood Alcohol Concentration

The drug most commonly associated with driving impairment is alcohol. It is linked to 40% of hospital emergency attendances and is a major contributor to falls and travel injuries. Forensic Medical Consultants boasts 30 years’ experience interpreting the significance of blood alcohol concentrations in:

  • Collisions 
  • Assaults 
  • Travel insurance claims 
  • Personal injury claims  
  • Workplace accidents 

Forensic Medical Consultants interprets clinical tests to determine whether:

  • alcohol was a contributing or causal, factor in the incident;
  • the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of driving/fall/assault etc;
  • how much an individual consumed to reach the measured blood alcohol concentration;
  • interpretation of clinical tests; and
  • if the individual was ‘under the influence of alcohol’ at the time of the incident.

Interpretation of Drug Impairment

Many drugs, both prescribed medications and illicit substances, can impair human performance when operating machinery, working in hazardous environments, or even simply enjoying recreational activities.

Our principal consultant is an addiction medicine specialist and provides opinions on whether:

  • drugs contributed to, or were causal factors in the incident;
  • the level of impairment affected behaviour at the critical time; and
  • the individual was ‘under the influence of drugs’ at the time of the incident.
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Workplace Drug Testing

Forensic Medical Consultants provides expert advice on whether workplace testing results:

  • imply illicit drug use;
  • reveal medication already declared by an employee prior to testing;
  • indicate impairment in the workplace; or
  • suggest an attempt to thwart the testing process.

Interpretation of Injury

Our principal consultant has extensive experience interpreting unexplained injury of vulnerable residents in institutional care. We assist agencies specialising in the care of the elderly and disabled to determine:

  • likely causes of injuries (accidental, negligent, deliberate)
  • likely timing of injuries
  • measures to avoid further injury
  • new policies to improve care

Corporate Presentations

Forensic Medical Consultants delivers in-service training to:

  • Government agencies  
  • Insurance companies 
  • Professional associations 
  • Law firms and legal associations 
  • Medical practices 
Corporate Presentation

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