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Forensic Medical Consultants are experts in applying clinical medical knowledge to the law.

Forensic Medical Consultants has extensive experience and expertise which assists clients resolve issues in relation to civil litigation, insurance claims and other matters. Our group is comprised of recognised experts in all aspects of clinical forensic medicine.

Our expertise is frequently required to provide expert opinion as it relates to specific areas of clinical forensic medicine. Dependent upon the nature and complexity of your case, Forensic Medical Consultants will provide expert opinions that complement your investigations.

Clinical Forensic Medicine differs from Forensic Pathology which is primarily concerned with understanding causes of death. Clinical Forensic Medicine is primarily concerned with the living: interpretation of injury including assault, sexual assault and child abuse. An important part of the discipline is understanding the impact of drugs and alcohol on human behaviour. There is some overlap with forensic pathology when considering drugs and medical conditions causing death.

The most common request for our expert opinion is to interpret the significance of a blood alcohol concentration in collision, travel insurance claims and personal injury. We have more than 30 years’ experience answering the usual questions: was alcohol a contributing or causal factor in the incident? What was the blood alcohol concentration at the crucial time? What did the person consume to reach the measured blood alcohol concentration? Were they truthful in their account? In most cases, the question we are asked is whether there is evidence that the person was ‘under the influence of alcohol or other drugs’ at the time of the incident. 

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